Here are some of the Top Questions from Members:

Q. What is a Flirt? How many times can I Flirt with someone?
A. Flirt is a quick, fun way to let someone know you're interested. You pick a one-liner from the list of Flirts, and it's sent to the member of your choice. The member gets the Flirt in his or her onsite Inbox and then can go to your profile and Flirt back with you. You can send up to 30 Flirts a day, but each member can only be Flirted with once.

All members can send Flirts for free. If you'd like to take it a step further, you should upgrade to a Premium Membership and sending an email to start up a real conversation.

Q. How do I change my email address or password?
A. You can change your email address or password on your profile page.

Q. How do I keep other members from knowing that I looked at their profile or added them to one of my Hot Lists?
A. If you don't want other members to know when you've looked at their profile or Hot Listed them, go to Show/Hide Profile in Member Services and select "Hide" in the section called "Show/Hide When You View Or Hot List Members."

Keep in mind that members who are most active on the site keep their profile visible in all places because it ups their chances of connecting. You never know, someone special may be looking for you but never find you if your profile is hidden.

Hot Lists have been a real hit on JDate and have helped bring some unsuspecting couples together! People say that they often contact another member simply because he or she looked at their profile. So before you hit "Hide," give it a chance to work.

Q. Why do members want to know when I look at their profile or save them to a Hot List?
A. JDate members often report that Hot Lists introduce them to members they would not have otherwise met. It's reason enough to contact someone, and a good conversation-starter. If you notice that you've been Hot Listed by someone whose profile intrigues you, send them an email!

Q. Why does my Hot List counter change?
A. Half of your Hot Lists are dedicated to recording your activities on the site. Whenever you view another member's profile or contact them, your Hot List numbers are adjusted accordingly. This information is available for easy reference.

The rest of your Hot Lists will reflect the interest of other members. Every time someone checks your profile or contacts you, this is noted in a Hot List. (Some members may choose to withhold their profile from view in Hot Lists so you don't ALWAYS know if someone has seen your profile)

Periodically, we refresh the contents of your Hot Lists and remove older records.

Q. Do people actually meet on Do they ever get married?
A. The answer to both questions is a resounding YES! Every single day, thousands of people meet on JDate and quite a few will get married. Visit the "Mazel Tov" page for a sampling of success stories from JDaters who have found the love of their lives on this site. Hundreds of marriages, some spanning many borders, have originated with a simple profile on JDate

Q. When someone sends me a message, where does it go and how do I respond?
A. Once you've created your own profile, other members can start contacting you. JDate will let you know that you have a new message by sending a notification to your personal email address. To read the message, simply login to the site and go to your Inbox in the Messages drop-down menu. If you decide to write back, click "Reply," write your own message and send away.

Your message will go straight into the member's Inbox and they will notify them that it's there.

All communications with other members stay on the site so you never have to share any personal information until you feel completely ready.

Q. How do I edit my profile? How do I hide my profile?
A. To update your profile, go to Your Profile in the Profile & Photos drop-down menu. Click "Edit" next to the section you'd like to update. Be sure to save your changes at the bottom of the screen when you're done.

Don't sell yourself short - an honest portrayal of the real you is more likely to inspire a real connection. Post at least one recent photo and write detailed essays. Posting a photo is key, as most people feel more comfortable if they can visualize the person they're talking to. Keep the tone of your essays upbeat and fun.

To hide your profile, go to Show/Hide Profile in Member Services. However, keep in mind that making your profile accessible in as many ways as possible will increase your chances of connecting. If the "right" person is looking for you but your profile is hidden, they may never find you.

Q. If I remove my profile, will it end my subscription? Can I put my subscription on hold?
A. No. Once you purchase a subscription, it will remain active for the remainder of your initial term.

To View JDate's FAQ please visit and click on the Help & Advice link on the bottom of the page.